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Kleantech is a family business and is proud of the great customer service and after care support they have provided to their customers since 1991!

With Kleantech's extensive knowledge of servicing all makes and models of cleaning machines in New Zealand, Mike was able to hand pick machines suited 100% to our conditions and people. NO ONE else in the market can claim this as they are always changing suppliers or models. Kleantech still sells machines we sold in 2000. WHY? ...because they are good and work well. Kiwis are very different breed to the rest of the world, where we FIX everything instead of replacing them, so QUALITY is 100% the top consideration.


When you are looking for the very best quality water blaster, drain cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner, PTO machine or pump, you want advice you can trust from someone with experience to guide you in the right direction.



Quality imported cleaning machines from Italy = Value for money

Kleantech is the wholesale importer and distributor of quality, Italian industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning machines and accessories. We have found these machines outperform the rest and are the best, most cost effective solution for our customers.

  • Quality of machines - built to last and do the job right
  • Variety of machines - a machine for every job imaginable, with the ability to customise cleaning machine solutions
  • Cost of machines - more affordable for top quality
  • Cheaper spare parts - range of spare parts available to maintain your machine
  • We stand behind our products with a comprehensive 12 month guarantee on manufacturer defects.


Compare apples with apples

A lot of mass produced commercial or industrial cleaning machines out there may be cheaper options but you get what you pay for. Those machines wont stand up to the test when compared with what Kleantech can offer you.


If you want a machine that will do the job right and last the distance, Kleantech has quality cleaning machines that out perform all others and can be serviced locally. So before you jump at the cheap deal at your local hardware store, give us a call first.


There are specific machines for specific needs and we really know the best options. Contact us and we're happy to discuss your specific requirements with you and find the right machine for the job.



Buy locally and receive superb after care service 

Buying direct from a wholesaler may save you money initially but the valuable time lost when you have to send your machine away for servicing can cost you much more. Often those services take two weeks or more for your machine to get repaired.


Mike only sells Kleantech equipment to the public through his local distributors and refers any customers to them. By buying locally you can normally get your machines fixed within a day. Buying local is far better for everyone involved. If and when problems arise you will get service that comes to you. Distributors can get any machines/parts needed from the team at Kleantech - who will go the extra mile to provide fast service and will endeavour to get the courier organised the same day if possible.



Spare parts for all makes and models of commercial cleaning equipment in NZ 

Kleantech holds stock for every commercial water blaster and vacuum cleaner on hand. We have a large collection of machine drawings for most machines on the NZ market. No one beats our knowledge in the field. NO ONE!


Other cleaning machine companies have spares for their own machines BUT Kleantech have spares for our machines AND every other brand available in NZ.


Kleantech strive to make our customer service stand out from other businesses – we will go the extra mile for you.


Talk to our friendly team today to get the best advice and support for your cleaning machines and equipment. 

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