Pressure Solutions


POWERWASH POLO STAR 200/15 + 150/21

Brand: Powerwash
Option: Polo Star 200/15 + 150/21


Professional cold-water pressure cleaner with group pump motor at 1450 rpm, motor at double bearings and pump with three ceramic pistons, connecting rods and camshaft.

The hydraulic circuit has a bypass valve to regulate pressure, the entry of water directly into the pump.

In the electric panel is housed the thermal-switches for starting and protect the motor.

The aspiration of detergent occurs at low pressure through the venturi system.

At the closure of the lance the hydro-cleaner comes in bypass mode.

Cover stainless steel 430 mirror.

Optional: electric panel TOTAL STOP with control and auxiliary circuit low voltage 24 volt, thermal overload to protect the motor, shutdown immediate and total at the closure of the gun.

  • The motor and pump are connected by a flexible coupling.
  • Equipped with a valve for the suction of the detergent in high pressure.
  • Incoming water is in the tank through a floater that regulates the flow.
  • Electrical panel with controls and auxiliary circuit low voltage 24 volt and motor and an overload relay protects the main engine (Model Total Stop) 

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