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At Kleantech we get a huge array of questions regarding our water blasters, parts and custom machines. We do our best to find out what your needs are and find a solution based on many factors and NZ conditions.

Below are some common questions we receive but if you have any questions you would like answered or if you'd like advice on the best solution for your cleaning job, talk to our friendly team at Kleantech. If you want to find out about specific machines, you can email enquire from any of the the product pages and ask your questions - we'll get in touch to advise you which machine would most suit your needs.



How do I know which type of water blaster I need?

Talk to our knowledgeable team and they will be able to sort out the right water blaster for the job. We have cold water blasters and hot water blasters and are able to supply custom cleaning machines for specific cleaning purposes.



What are the pros and cons of high and low speed washers?

Twenty years ago all you could buy was a low speed pump and that is why you still have machines that are 20 years old. Then customers wanted a cheaper pump so the high speed crankshaft pump was developed. Then customers wanted cheaper again so they went to a swash plate, axle pump. Then customers wanted cheaper again so they went to Chinese made pumps.


A low speed pump generally is a crankshaft style pump running at 1450 rpm. Normally these can draw their own water from a tank, creek or horse trough (or similar) and wear and tear is minimal.


A high speed pump is generally a crankshaft pump running at 3400 rpm. The pistons are smaller and you normally have to feed them with water from mains pressure or a good tank supply. Wear and tear is about double that of a low speed pump.


A swash plate pump is an off set flange spinning on a shaft with springs to return the pistons after the shaft pushes them out. CHEAP! People advertise their high speed or swash plate pumps will draw water from a bucket and sometimes they will BUT only for a very short period and then they are stuffed in the seals; really A bucket - meaning 1, say 20 litre bucket.


Your machine runs 7 l/m off a 20 lt bucket; you get just over 2 minutes. Really helpful eh?


This kind of advertising is just as misleading as the 10 year warranty on the pump head. They mean the solid piece of brass that is the head; not the seals or valves etc. (just the head). Anyone could give a lifetime warranty on a solid piece of brass as it will NOT WEAR OUT. Very misleading and not how we do business.


With low speed pressure washers they will run 8 hrs a day and can draw water from a tank, creek or horse trough. For real performance and reliability, talk to the team at Kleantech today to find the right solution to meet your needs.



What is the difference between a hot and cold water blaster?

Cold water blasters can be used for dirt, mud and general cleaning applications.

Hot / steam cleaners are used for grease, oil or fat. Hot water blasters are popular choices in truck garages, dairy farms and for cleaning stubborn grime like in chicken sheds.



What is the advantage of using a Petrol Cold Water Blaster?

Petrol water blasters can be used without access to 3 phase power. You often also get much better performances with petrol. For example the best water blaster available in 240v is 1600 psi 12 l/m or 1700 psi 11 l/m/m! 240v waterblasters are normally for light duty or smaller runs of heavy duty cleaning or where 3 phase power is not available. Up to 3hp is ok but after that you are asking for trouble and you need a three phase water blaster. So with petrol a small 5hp can run 2000 psi 10 l/m. The most common is 3000 psi 15 l/m.



Does Kleantech service other makes and models of cleaning equipment?

Yes, Kleantech provides parts and servicing for all makes and models of cleaning machines in New Zealand.

Kleantech has stock for everything on hand. Other companies have their spares, but Kleantech have spares for our models AND for every other brand available in NZ.


We have a large collection of machine drawings for most machines on the NZ market. No one beats our knowledge in the field. NO ONE.



Do Kleantech's machines have a guarantee?

Kleantech provides a 12 month guarantee for manufacturers' faults on all cleaning machines; water blasters, vacuum cleaners and a standard worldwide 90 day warranty on all spare parts and accessories. Wear and tear not included.


If you purchase your pressure washer or other cleaning machinery from Kleantech you are also covered with a proper, full service 12 month guarantee, which means our service agents will come to you and fix your machine on site. No mucking around with sending your machine to Auckland and having your services down for two weeks or more.


For more information, contact us directly and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Do you need advice on the right cleaning machine for your requirement?